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Good start to a series

The Intern: Vol. 1 - Brooke Cumberland

I ended up really enjoying this story. When I first started it, I wasn't sure since the heroine was in high school. The beginning of the story also felt a bit rushed at first as well, but then as the story progressed, I found myself not wanting to put it down and continue to read.


The author has twisted quite a tale with the serial series. Part 1 ends with a cliffhanger, but that's okay. I'm enjoying these type of storied and needing to buy the next in order to continue the story. I thought the author did a good job keeping to the heroine's age and her maturity level. And Bentley, well, he's just demanding and sexy!


I will definitely be reading book 2 soon to see what happens with "Ceci" and Bentley. 

Loved this series

The Fixed Trilogy - Laurelin Paige

This series was quite the roller coaster. Okay! Let's do this book by book...


Fixed On You: Wow! What a great first book. I was drawn to the complicated mess of Alyana and Hudson from the beginning. It was like a train wreck waiting to happen...and it was a train wreck from time to time, but then it worked out so right.


A lot of the time I wanted to bop Alyanna up side her head, but I knew she was that way since she has a compulsive side to her. I wanted to see her just trust Hudson more, but at the same time, Hudson didn't make that all!



Found In You: This was my favorite in the series. There was so much conflict in this one I had to put the book down a few times to really let it wrap around my brain. I didn't like Cecilia in book 1 and I had a feeling about her in book 2. I was happy to see the things I thought were going to happen, did. Most of this book, I wanted to whack Hudson. He drove me crazy and I wanted to see him be the person Alyanna needed.


So much happened in this one, I just felt like it was the best in the series.



Forever With You: I enjoyed this story. As the reader I could see the growth in both Alyanna and Hudson. I read this one fairly quickly, but for me, something was missing in this last one. I dragged on somewhat and for me, it was missing that conflict book 1 and 2 had. It was still there, just not as intense. When I got in to the last part of the book, I couldn't put it down. I was so angry at Hudson (and still am). I need to read his book next, but I'm waiting until I'm not so mad at him.



Overall, I enjoyed the whole series and I will be reading this author again. :)

Reading progress update: I've read 48%.

The Fixed Trilogy - Laurelin Paige

I'm a good bit into book 2 and boy is Alyanna digging herself into a hole! This series is enjoyable. It's three full length books in one boxed set. 

Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Stranger at Sunset - Eden Baylee

The writing is really good on this one, but I am waiting on the mystery to the story. Hope it comes soon...

Smokin' Hot!

Crave (The Devil and the Diamond Book 1) - Bonnie Bliss

This was a hot book! The Devil made a deal years ago with a bankrupt farmer, and now he's come to collect what's his...Elizabeth. But this girl is tough and she isn't going down without a big, ass kicking fight.

This is the first in a new serial romance series from Bonnie Bliss and I sure hope she's got part 2 coming soon. I'm very intrigued by part one and curious where this story is going. Even though I should probably dislike the hero of the story...aka The Devil...I found myself eager for his scenes and how he was going to react to the things Elizabeth does.

Even though she despises him...she also can't help but crave him. There is a ton of sizzle in this story as The Devil shows Elizabeth just what he's capable of making others do.

I recommend this book to readers who like erotic romance, something a little darker, a unique story line, and of course Bonnie Bliss fans.

Reading progress update: I've read 23%.

The Fixed Trilogy - Laurelin Paige

This is a LONG book, but I am slowly making progress. Not even through book 1 yet, but I am liking it so far. It has my interest spiked.

Unforgettable is now live, plus a giveaway!

Unforgettable (Gentlemans Club Book 1) - Lacey Wolfe

I've got a new release today and it's the first book in a new series! Hot, older and sexy men who happen to be rich! The series centers around a May-December club (older men and younger women). 


I hope you check out the book as well as stop by my blog on my author page for a chance at my giveaway to celebrate!


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Have you been watching Married At First Sight? I have!

Absolutely loved it!

Wife Number Seven - Melissa Brown

I absolutely enjoyed this story. I've been on the hunt for a different read lately. I enjoy the typical romance, but I needed something different. This was it. 


I enjoy the show Sisterwives and it intrigues me the way these women live. I want to say, this book is nothing like the show Sisterwives. The wives are not good friends like you see in the show. They don't get to live normal lives. A prophet tells them how to live each day. They wear no make-up, never cut their hair, must wear dresses that cover everything, and live on a compound. They are expected to have child after child until they can't have children anymore.


Brinely, however, likes to visit the outside world, and one day comes upon an exiled man from her community. One touch from him and she discovered what she's been missing. One touch from him, and something new is born. But she can't just leave her home and compound. All she's ever known is the life she lives and as far as she knows, if she leaves that compound, she'd going to hell. But she realizes she is sinning from her thoughts, and she had to decide to redeem herself or not.


This is a very heart felt story. I was engrossed from the time I started it. I really enjoyed it and will be reading this author again.  

Free - 8/15-8/17

Tempting The Manny - Lacey Wolfe

My erotic romance novella Tempting The Manny is free today 8/15 - Sunday 8/17. 


For readers 18 years and older.

What's a girl to do when her boyfriend leaves her? Pick up the pieces and move on, that's what!

Olivia's world is turned upside down when her boyfriend ditches her for another woman. With two children at home, Olivia has no time to waste on putting the puzzle of her life back together. And she starts by hiring a babysitter. But to her surprise, she hires much more than a caregiver.

Jamie's attracted to Olivia from the moment he lays eyes on her. He really shouldn't take the job to care for her kids, but the attraction to Olivia is so strong he can't resist. He tries his best to keep things professional, but Olivia continues to tempt him.

As Olivia and Jamie fight their attraction for one another, Olivia finds herself stringing a web of lies. Can she figure out what she really wants before it's too late?

Cute, fun read

Trouble in Tinseltown (Summer Flings, Book 1) - Aimee Duffy

I really enjoy Aimee Duffy as a writer. Since I've been reading a lot of serials, when I saw this series, I knew I had to read it. I believe there are six book in this series, but I may be wrong. They have not all released yet, but are up for pre-order on Amazon.


This story is following 3 friends as they cruise around to different cities and party.  This story was written in Ciara's point of view. I've not read the second book yet, so I'm not sure if the next will be in her's as well.


A love interest is brought in for Ciara. He's her friend Elle's sexy cousin Zack. Ciara is attracted to him right away, as is he her.  I can't tell a lot that happened in this story because it is a short story.


If you enjoy stories told in short episodes, check this one out. I'm looking forward to the girls visiting Miami and what type of trouble they find themselves in.

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Best one yet...

Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren

I enjoyed Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Bitch was okay, but Beautiful Stranger I loved! The authors (it's two ladies) did a great job with this one. From the moment I started it, I liked Chloe and loved Max. There were lots of naughty bits in this story, but not as many as in Beautiful Bastard.  But it was fine, I enjoyed the story of Chloe and Max as they dived into a world of public sex and naughty photos, all while trying to keep their relationship a secret. 


The stories can be read as stand alones, and I'd recommend this book to anyone curious about the series. If you start with this one, you'll go back and pick up the others. 



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Reading progress update: I've read 74%.

Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren

I'm really enjoying this one much better than the other two.

Chapter One of Unforgettable is now posted!

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