Smokin' Hot!

Crave (The Devil and the Diamond Book 1) - Bonnie Bliss

This was a hot book! The Devil made a deal years ago with a bankrupt farmer, and now he's come to collect what's his...Elizabeth. But this girl is tough and she isn't going down without a big, ass kicking fight.

This is the first in a new serial romance series from Bonnie Bliss and I sure hope she's got part 2 coming soon. I'm very intrigued by part one and curious where this story is going. Even though I should probably dislike the hero of the story...aka The Devil...I found myself eager for his scenes and how he was going to react to the things Elizabeth does.

Even though she despises him...she also can't help but crave him. There is a ton of sizzle in this story as The Devil shows Elizabeth just what he's capable of making others do.

I recommend this book to readers who like erotic romance, something a little darker, a unique story line, and of course Bonnie Bliss fans.