Sweet Read

Second Chances - H.M. Ward, Stacey Mosteller

I am a big H.M. Ward fan. I discovered her not long ago and have read most of her stories, not all--she has a lot! This book had a lot of good reviews, but I remember H.M. Ward stating on Facebook that this book is different. So I went in to it with an open mind.


This book is different from her other works. For one, it's co-written by an already established author Stacey Mosteller. The writing style was similar, but different. Again, I was expecting this since it was written by the two of them.


The story was sweet and heartfelt. It tugs at our strings since it deals with the loss of a loved one. Gen looses her husband and has to pick up the pieces. I think the authors did an extraordinary job dealing with this. They didn't make Gen a whore who hopped in bed the first chance she got. Daniel was there for her and they took a lot, and I mean a lot, of time dancing around one another before they even kissed!


Gen has a complicated relationship with her mom. No spoilers, but something happens and her mom begins to understand Gen better. The ending felt a little rushed and I would've liked to see more with the mom/Daniel/Gen situation. I didn't really feel like the issue at hand was solved fully.


Over all, I enjoyed the read and I will probably pick up a book by Stacy Mosteller and check her out on her own writing.