The Seduction 4 - Roxy Sloane

This is the last book in the series (I think). I was a little disappointed it didn't begin right where book 3 ended, but if you've read book 3, I guess it couldn't really start.  We are still packed in with a suspense plot with this book as we try to figure out who is trying to steal the company right out from under Keely.


Keely and Vaughn work out some of their issues in this one, I think this is the last one because they finally found their happily ever after.


There is a strong D/s scene in this book as well--on both sides! Keely takes the ropes and let's Vaughn know what she wants. 


Hot, hot sex and lots of mystery in this series. Glad I picked it up and do recommend it to those who like erotic romance and a serial series.