The Seduction 1 - Roxy  Sloane

Holy smokes! That was a HOT read! I was drawn to this series by the blurb. 


All women look the same on their knees with their lips wrapped around my cock. 


And this book lived up to the line that caught my attention. It's sexy, hot, erotic, and has a very interesting plot. Keely isn't just going to drop to her knees for Vaughn the way he's used to woman doing. His job is a seducer and he's paid to make women have sex with him for whatever someones agenda is (divorce, etc.)


The way he speaks to her whenever he sees her, well, it got me excited! Not sure how I'd feel about a stranger actually saying those things to me, but if it was Vaughn, I just might take him up on his many, many offers.


I can't wait to dive into book 2. This does end with a cliffhanger since it's a serial series. Currently this  book is free on Amazon.