Not as good as the first...

Easy To Love You  - Megan   Smith

Before you can read Easy To Love You, you have to read the first one Trying Hard Not to Love You. This one picks up where the previous one left off. While the story itself was good, dealing with the struggles that come after an accident, I didn't feel at all this book was realistic. 


First, CC is just rude to the nurse who has taken care of her son and Hunter while she was in a coma. Sure, in the end the nurse isn't who she seems, but her part really is so minor. I couldn't imagine acting the way she did. And in no time at all, CC is back on her feet, drinking and partying while her parents watch her child. I wasn't a fan of this.


I will continue to book 3 because I believe it will be Mason and Hailey's story, and I'm curious why these two just can't seem to settle down together. Book 1 and 2 took place over a span of about 18 months and these two are together and then aren't. I'm curious how much back story the author will give to show us what's been going on all these months.