Good, emotional read

Over the Ivy Wall (Clearwater Book 10) - Rosa Sophia

I really enjoyed this story by Rosa Sophia. She doesn't write your typical fluffy romance. She always has another hidden layer to her characters. What I really admired about this book was the hero. He has aspegars. She took the time to write a story with a hero that totally deserved a romance. He was different and still found love, and it made me really admire Rosa as an author.

Clara has been living with her aunt and uncle after her parents death. She's only a few weeks from being 18. Gaven, the hero is older. But this is a clean story, so nothing weird there.

Clara leaves each day to escape her uncle who abuses her in a way that is just unforgivable. I don't know how the Aunt put up with his. She had to know what her husband was up to. Not to go down that path...

Clara seeks comfort in Gaven, who doesn't know how to give comfort. Clara has never left her home, her uncle keeps her and his daughter hidden away from the world. Gaven gives her the strength to reach out for help and the courage to leave.

This was a great story. I absolutely loved it. I can't wait for Tammy's story. If she was a real person, I'd be praying for her to wisen up and find the courage she needs to get out of her bad situation.

The writing was good and the story flowed well. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a clean romance that will tug at your heart strings.