Loved it!

Bad Romance (New Adult Romance) - Bonnie Bliss, L. Kirk, Kasi Alexander, LMK Graphics

Wow. This book was something. At first, I wasn't sure I could ever see myself liking the hero of the story Dax. He was a lot to take it. A definite troubled soul. As the story progressed, I found myself smiling about his caveman ways. He took alpha male to a whole new level, but he was bound and determined to win Clara.


There is a lot of depth to this story. It wasn't just another "girl resist boy until she can't resist him any longer" kinda story. There is some serious baggage between both Clara and Dax that is connected from their child hood. Ms. Bliss threw a curveball at the end I was surprised I didn't pick up on.


I really enjoyed this story, and was thrilled to learn she will be writing more characters from that we met in this story. A big thumbs up to the author, I think she did a great job with this one.