Enjoyable Read

The Ghost Files - Apryl Baker

I picked up the first book in this series for 3 reasons. One, I just signed with the publisher and I wanted to check out some of their books. Two, it looked different and I needed a little change. Three, it was FREE. Who doesn't like free?


I loved this book. It sucked me in and I had to find out what happened. The heroine of the story, Mattie, is a foster kid who can see ghosts. After a near death experience as a child (her mom tried to kill her by stabbing), she has the ability to see ghosts, but she pretends they aren't there until her foster sister comes to her.


No one wants to believe her when she tells people her sister has been kidnapped because the girl has run away from foster homes before. One adult officer named Dan does believe Mattie, and together they begin to solve the crime of what happened to her foster sister and the other kids that have been coming to her. Turns out, there is a serial killer on the loose.


This is a young adult book and there is no romance in it. There is a lot of suspense, and you'll be flipping the pages to see what comes next. I will say, I had a pretty good idea who the killer was from the beginning. It could be that I'm a writer myself, so I can get into an authors head and know where they are going. The book is being made into a movie and I can see why. The author, Apryl Baker, tells a very good story. Her writing flows well. I will definitely be picking up the next in the series to see what kind of adventure Mattie has next.