A book that got me thinking...

Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series Book 2) - Tricia Andersen

Breaking The Silence in the second book in Hard Drive series by Tricia Andersen. I've not yet read book 1, however, the books don't need to be read in order.


I must admit, the hero, Rico, was hard to handle at the beginning of the book. He was very arrogant and full of himself. Meeting Avery changed that about him. He began to mellow out and come back down to earth. Avery was important to him from the moment he saw her. He needed to connect with her, some way.


This was where the challenge comes in. Avery is deaf. So getting her to like him is harder, especially when she confesses she doesn't like celebrities...and he's a sport MMA celebrity. He decided to keep this to himself.


I had a few issues in the book with the amount of people who knew how to sign and how quickly Rico was able to learn. It felt like overnight he could not only sign, but understand completely everything Avery was ever able to say. Avery also didn't read lips. I have a dear friend who is deaf. She doesn't sign, she reads lips. She says people expect her to accommodate them, and in this book, the world seemed to accommodate Avery. Though, wouldn't it be nice if we did try to accommodate others better. Maybe the author is on to something. It just seemed like Avery would have been more independent if she read lips. I didn't fully understand how she did certain parts of her life without knowing how to do this.


I found the writing to be good. The author did a good job creating the story and keeping it interesting from start to finish. This is a sweet romance, so no steamy scenes. Just a good, clean romance.


I will be going back and reading the first book in the series.