Dark Tale

When the Hunger Comes (Blackwood Novella Book 1) - Bonnie Bliss, R Kirk

When I sat down with this book, I wasn't sure what to expect. I love Bonnie Bliss, but Bonnie Bliss is the pen name for a husband and wife writing together. R. Kirk is the husband and this was his first book that he wrote on his own. Right away, I knew I had to read it because it would give me an idea how each of the authors think.


This book is dark. There are several point of views to keep up with, and I honestly never knew who I was rooting for. You see, there are several clans of werewolves in this one area. Apparently one clan isn't as pure...without giving away too much. Only these wolves aren't like the ones you read about in romance stories. They eat each other. Ick. And there is no talking or reasoning...it's each for themselves, no matter who gets hurt in the process.


We get to see both sides of the story, and even at the end of this book, I wasn't sure who I wanted to win. I felt bad for both sides, as well as disliked people from each side.


I found this book to be well written. I enjoyed R. Kirk's writing style. He definitely knows how to create a dark tale that left me thinking. I look forward to seeing where he takes this series.