Definetly A Sweet Delight!

Dating in the Dark - Tracey Rogers

I loved this book. The cover drew me in. From the moment I saw the author post this cover, I wanted to read it--even though I hadn't read the blurb. You can judge a book by it's cover. :)


This was one of those books, once I sat down to read it, I couldn't stop. I would've read it through in one sitting had life not interrupted me.


Sophie and Damien find they are attracted to each other before they even meet. Their relationships spark over a phone conversation at Damien's sister's bakery. Damien isn't looking to date after an accident that made him look guilty to the media, as well as a scar across his face. However, he takes a chance with Sophie. Then begins a number of dates set in the dark.


Being an author myself, this concept of dating in the dark brought all kinds of story ideas to my already packed brain. I think Ms. Rogers is onto something fun in the world of dating. Perhaps she'll explore more dates in the dark in future stories.


This is the first book in a new series from Tracey Rogers. I'm thrilled for her to write more. She introduced some characters - mainly Vanessa who has something going on in the background of this book. I'm super curious what it is.


I recommend this book!