Great beginning to the series.

Keep Me Safe: A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels) - Maya Banks

This was my first book by Maya Banks. I've heard her name for years, but I've just not picked up a book. Keep Me Safe was what I needed to read, I just didn't know it. I was sucked in from the beginning with the suspenseful plot. I had to know how Ramie was going to catch the serial killer who was stalking her.


She turns to a family that she helped in the past. Tori, the youngest of the crew, was someone Ramie helped with her psychic abilities. Ramie is able to take an item from a victim and go into their head to find them. However, when she does this, she goes through what they are. Rape, beatings, etc.


I was surprised by the fact that Tori and two of her brothers had an issue with their protection agency helping Ramie. After all, she saved Tori's life. When Caleb, the hero of the story, helps her to get away and catch the stalker/serial killer, I was kinda ashamed of his siblings. How they couldn't be more thankful toward Ramie. Without her, Tori would have been dead. But this angst between them all does add to the plot some.


Since this is my first Maya Banks book, I'm not fully familiar with her writing style. With that being said, if you're a big romance reader like myself, don't go into this book looking for romance, but more of the suspense. I see it's categorized as a romantic suspense on Amazon, but the romance part is lacking. Yes, there is kissing and sex between Ramie and Caleb. What fell short for me, was the chemistry. It seemed like they just got together, never any attraction. I never knew either was interested in one another until they went to bed together. But as I said, this may be the genre. 


The suspense/thriller is what makes this book. For that reason alone, I loved it. I want to read the rest of the series, as well as more by this author.