Good start

The Proposition: The Ferro Family  - H.M. Ward

I'm a big HM Ward fan. Now that her books are on Kindle Unlimited, I can actually devour her series at a reasonable price. :)


I enjoyed the start of this series. It didn't start out fast paced like her other stuff. This one starts off on a sad note with lots and lots of back story. Hallie is with a man named Neil - the dependable guy. Though, he did something kinda questioning in this story, so I'm curious where this is going.


This is Bryan Ferro's series, and right now, I don't really like him. I liked him in The Arrangement Series. I'm sure he'll win me over in book 2. :)


The writing was good, as HM is an excellent writer. She's one of the only writers I can stand to read in present tense. I prefer my books in past tense, but when I read hers, I don't really catch that I'm in present tense.


On to book 2. :) Yay that there is only 5 in this one.