A Heartwarming Read

A Saint's Salvation - Beverly Ovalle

A Saint's Salvation by Beverly Ovalle was a sweet and heartwarming read. Nick is leaving the marine's for the time being and going home for the holidays to surprise his family. The one thing he is looking for is for someone to simply hold him.


When he left for the marines, he had a girlfriend. Not long after she sent him a note breaking up with him, a grenade went off where he was, injuring him and several others. After he recovered in a hospital, the desire to be with family is strong.


This story tells the journey Nick has on his way home. He is able to find love again, and it's with someone who understands everything he has been through. I can't tell much, because this is a novella, and sometimes they are harder to review without giving away too much plot.


The story line was detailed and well thought out. The writing was good. Ms. Ovalle did a wonderful job with marine lingo, and the way events would play out. She was detailed and it made for a heartfelt story.


There was an intimate scene in the story, but it wasn't over the top detailed, so I'd give this a heat level of 3. I think it was perfect though for the story.


I'd recommend this book to friends.


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